Let Media Training experts John Friess and Chris Francis provide your business with the tools that will allow you to Control Your Message in any setting.


Today’s ever changing media is a beast that thrives on timely, continuous content. Whether it’s a well-known TV reporter or someone on the street with a smart phone the motivation to break news in this “280 character” world never subsides. We know, as former journalists we’ve been in those newsrooms, any mistakes you make become instant content!

Getting your message out means there’s no time to debate the merits of various spokespeople and statements. Just ask United Airlines, or Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. They learned the hard way that when things go wrong it’s too late to develop a crisis communications plan. The key is being prepared. Meaningful, precise messaging has never been more critical.

In just one session FRMediaTrain will make certain you’re prepared.

Brand Media Training

We’ll call on our vast experience as journalists to dig deep into your business, identify and discuss your goals and then execute an all-encompassing media training program that will enable you to achieve your brand’s objectives.

Crisis Communications

Whether it’s an unfortunate crisis, or someone else attacking your brand, we’ll give you the tools to respond quickly, correctly and confidently. With our preparation you’ll be able to protect what you have worked so hard to build.

Presentation Skills

Do you fear public speaking? Most of us do! After a sesson with our media trainer there will be no more umms and uhhs. We’ll show you how to keep your message concise and conversational, using memorable sound bites. We’ll even show you what to wear!

Control Your Message, With Our Help!

A quick video breakdown of the two main reasons we recommend hiring a media trainer. Remember, it’s all about being prepared BEFORE a crisis hits!


Replay of a live broadcast from Denver Startup Week where we helped new businesses navigate the in’s and out’s of this ever-changing media landscape