Anyone worried about the volatility in the stock market, like I am? To understand it better I’ve been watching CNBC a bit more but I’m no finance/investment expert and sometimes I get lost. Not just in the numbers but in the language, the jargon.

A shame really, because to grow an audience, one would think outsiders need to get the message  Hello, MEDIA TRAINING!  Below are few examples from this afternoon’s Squawk on the Street.

 Ari Wald is the Head of Technical Analysis for Oppenheimer. He knows his stuff and is clearly personable and comfortable on camera but listen to his comments on the issue of Amazon’s price drop:


“Given the macro backdrop”, “shape of the yield curve”, “no support levels have been breached”, huh? 

That was so full of jargon Finance 101 for dummieswas my first google destination! – 34 seconds of “moneyspeak” to get to the last line “Amazon’s a winner, let it run”. 

Now, for comparison take the opposite guest, Gina Sanchez, CEO of Chantico Global.


She picked one side of an argument and delivered her opinion, backing it up in a way that anyone could relate to.  

Again, it’s clear Wald knows his stuff and I assume Wall Street and hardcore viewers understand what he’s talking about. Will the entire audience, a new audience?

You often find some of the same disconnect in Silicon Valley. Some Exec’s and engineers spew so much “Tech Speak” the message gets lost. If you want to masses to know about your product or service, that pitch needs to be relayed in language EVERYONE can understand.

Wald did a much better job in this clip about Snap, Inc. even getting in a great “falling knife” analogy. However, he was once again overshadowed by the second guest, Boris Schlossberg, who was quite convincing by comparing Snap to MySpace and finishing with, “…it’s a dead man walking!”

Unfortunately for Snap, Inc. I understood that completely!

Need some help moving from “MoneySpeak” or “TechSpeak” to language EVERYONE can understand? In just one four hour session, FRMediaTrain can make sure your message is heard loud and clear. Shoot us an email or comment below for a free consultation!

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