Here’s a clip we’re proud of:  William Bruzzo, an Orange County defense attorney and former Marine was asked by i24TV to talk about the legal strategy of President Trump’s newest lawyer, one Rudolph Giuliani. 

We love the fact that right out of the gate, he gave definitive answers and cited several examples (Nixon, his own experience) to back those points up. Not shy about blasting the administration, by our count he worked in no less that six great lines to get his point across. He was clearly prepared and delivered in context, grabbing the viewers attention quickly! 

How about this one, “Trump may own the circus, but the latest Ringmaster is Giuliani” or “It’s almost as if Giuliani was sleepwalking through this thing, or talking casually to his family at Thanksgiving dinner”,  “I’m not sure he knows what he’s doing”! Bruzzo does, well crafted, opinionated, well delivered. Bravo, Sir, Bravo!

(and yes, we helped refine that ability to answer questions AND entertain, media training works!) Send us an email if you’re interested in doing the same:


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