Mark Cuban, billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and star of the hit reality show “Shark Tank” is widely thought of as a very opinionated, personable, well spoken guy – even NBA referee’s don’t mind his jawing – most of the time! Which is why it surprised us when we saw this recent clip on CNN. In his first answer to Jake Tapper which lasted about :45 seconds Cuban uttered the dreaded “umm” SEVEN times! Maddeningly distracting – the “crutch” overshadowed his message, which was a critique of President Trump.Cuban was clearly there to talk politics and he obviously has an opinion but it’s also clear he did not prepare well to deliver that critique. Even if you THINK you know your material cold it always pays to develop talking points beforehand.

In just one session, FRMediaTrain can show you the tactics we use to make sure “Umm” doesn’t show up in your answers!

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