Why It Matters in Today’s Changing Media World

In this immediate Twitter age, this era of “Fake News” and cable networks that lean toward the political poles there is a supreme need to stand out. One way to do it is to be loud, be controversial, be.. well, polarizing. Of course, if that’s the case you’re probably only being heard by half the audience, the half that agrees with you.

However, if you want to be seen as a go-to expert, no matter the outlet on which you appear or how people perceive your credentials, prepare the way Jeremy Bash prepares!

During the Obama administration Bash was a Chief of Staff at the Department of Defense and before that the CIA. He’s a regular on MSNBC lending his perspective to various political and national security crises. Without a doubt, his ideology leans left and he is critical of the current administration. But, dare I say, no matter the political bent his comments would work on ANY network because they are delivered so colorfully and to the point. The reason is simple, he’s prepared and practiced.    

Take for instance, this exchange with Brian Williams, after a Washington Post report was published alleging the President gave highly classified intelligence to the Russian foreign minister during his Oval Office visit. It’s simply soundbites gold!

In his opening sentence, Bash immediately captures the audience (and set off a Tweetstorm of reaction) with his “face palm” analogy. Then, he outlined his reasons why, stating two distinct and clear points for the audience, tying everything together. He actually counted, “1” and “2” keeping everyone engaged. Don’t think for a minute this came off the top of his head! Sure, Bash is paid for these types of provocative comments but in just about 40 minutes of preparation, he clearly thought about the message he wanted to deliver and exactly *HOW* he would phrase it.

Even after the second question Bash used a PREPARED comment, adding even more perspective to his previous opinion with another example of why he thought the news was so stunning and concerning. He held no punches, calling the Russians the “least trustworthy intelligence service on the planet” and throwing in another colorful term with the “golden jewels” description.

The first answer was :32 seconds, the 2nd answer was :22 seconds. In that setting, the perfect time frame which you can bet, was also pre-planned and practiced! Bash came up with a succinct, colorful way to deliver his points right off the bat using his own expertise and experience as a backdrop.

Bash gets a paycheck to deliver his opinion because he has expert credentials, having worked at the highest levels of government, but also because he’s never boring. Here’s a quick clip from the same show 6 weeks ago soon after the White House fired national security adviser Michael Flynn. It’s another example of a descriptive, splashy soundbite that went viral as Bash described how he saw the crisis and the response from Capitol Hill.

Ohh-kaay, He didn’t yell, he wasn’t attacking, he didn’t insult, he simply told a “story” as a way to deliver his expert opinion. Again, soundbite gold! Great examples that illustrate, regardless of whether you’re paid to give your opinion and no matter which side of an issue you lean, you can have an impact. Preparing to deliver your message will always make it resonate with an audience and FRMediaTrain can show you how!  



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