Chris Jensen Interview courtesy of @Intelivideo

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Want to make sure you deliver all of your talking points? Want to have the “Last Word”? Here’s a simple and effective tactic used by Chris Jensen of Chase for Business in Denver, CO.  At the end of an on-set interview during Denver Startup Week, he realized he had one more thing to say so, when the thank you’s came from the hosts he quickly but politely interjected “… Can I say one more thing?”  they of course accommodated him and he made his comment relatively quick.  The host was right “that was a good closer!”                

Our only critique? Don’t ask! If you really want to get one final message or talking point across just say “and let me add one more thing…” OR  “..before we go, I’ve got one more comment to make…”

Unless the producers are REALLY pressed for time the hosts will almost ALWAYS let you make that final comment. If they don’t, they risk looking rude themselves. Most anchors don’t want to be seen in that light. So, go for it, have that last word!   

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