Media Training 101 
Get ready for Prime Time!

FRMediaTrain will work to customize our media training sessions with a focus on the specific needs your business may face. Whether it’s a press conference, a sit-down interview, a group presentation or managing a developing PR crisis, our training is designed to give you the tools and tips you can use to ensure your message is delivered correctly and confidently.
We’ll also stay with you long after the training is over. If you need follow up advice or critques we’re just a phone call or email away.     
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Brand Media Training

YOUR message, delivered YOUR way!
We’ll train your executives and employees to excel in any interview scenario. Do you have an upcoming segment on local or national television? Is reputation management important to your brand?
Whether it’s promoting your products or services through the media, fielding questions during a launch or showing off your industry expertise you’ll be prepared with precise messaging and most importantly, the tools to deliver that message. We can also teach you how to ATTRACT that elusive media coverage.
For details on how our Media Training will prepare you and your company for success, click the headline above.  





Crisis Communications 

Protect what you have worked so hard to build.
At some point your business may need to deal with the media when things are not going according to plan – think Facebook, Uber or frankly, any airline!
Whether it’s an unfortunate crisis or someone else attacking your brand, responding in a timely, confident manner employing usable sound bites is paramount. 
For in-depth detail on how our Crisis Communications training can help, click the headline above.
BTW – here is the correct way to respond in a disaster scenario – authoritative, empathetic, truthful. 



Presentation Skills Training

It’s true – many fear public speaking more than death!
However, after our presentation skills training session there are no more umms and uhhs. Using first hand experience, we’ll give you insider tips that will help you master speaking in front of an audience and in front of dozens of cameras.
We’ve been on both sides of the press conference/public speaking game – we know what works! 
For a breakdown of what we can teach you click the headline above, feel that fear of public speaking melt away!