What used to be called “Politics” is all the rage on cable news these days. From the moves (and tweets) coming out of the White House to the divide on Capitol Hill – nearly every night there’s something new for pundits to debate. 

One might think, at some point, the audience would burn out. But there seems to be no sign of that. Ratings rise like Amazon stock and the echo chambers are in control. Viewers enjoy – and have come to expect – hearing, like-minded commentary and spin, regardless of the issue. They tune-in in record numbers to validate their own opinions, branding the opposite side “fake news”. The networks are of course complicit because having a fervent, dedicated audience is a cash cow.  But that’s a topic for another post…  The point here is watching that nightly spin is often times monotonous and predictable, which is why it’s refreshing to hear someone on the other side of the aisle give a straight but also entertaining answer to a question that could easily have been another chapter in that spin cycle.

Take notes kids! During a recent appearance on MSNBC’s “11th Hour” Mike Murphy, a Republican strategist was asked about the Democrats big gubernatorial wins in Virginia and New Jersey and what it might mean for the 2018 mid-term elections. Listen to this! —>

Murphy broke it down in two minutes, reminding us of his political experience and adding flair to his answer by featuring 5 or 6 memorable phrases and analogies. From “he couldn’t deliver a pizza “, to “it’s like living in Sparta”, he had the anchor and the other guest laughing and nodding their heads. 

He absolutely STOLE a 10-minute segment on election politics with that single answer. It’s a big reason, along of course, with his credentials – that keeps the phone ringing and his calendar booked.

The lesson is simple: In today’s saturated political talk-fest it’s good to be an expert. But in order for your commentary to resonate you must be entertaining as well. 




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