I think we can all see by the many headlines where this one went bad! The Commissioner of the NFL, on a talk show to promote the season kickoff was asked about quarterback Colin Kaepernick who is without a job at the moment. Many believe he’s unemployed not because of his football skills but because of his controversial decision to protest social injustice by kneeling each week during the national anthem. Goodell was asked whether or not Kaepernick should be on a roster. Here’s the edited clip:


Talk about bad optics!! Though his comment can easily be taken out of context (he meant he’s not a “talent” evaluator) Goodell was widely panned for his choice of words. And considering the too many to name here controversies the NFL has been involved in lately, it only adds fuel to the belief that the commissioner is doing a sub-par job leading the most popular sports league in the world.

The lesson, be prepared and choose your words wisely or EVERY headline afterwards will include the quote that gives the impression you’re wearing a red clown nose …and bury any message you wanted to deliver in the process!




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