Passenger Testimonials

 A few kind words from clients we’ve worked with!


Chris and his team transformed our message from ‘Tech Speak’ to memorable soundbites in just one daily session.”

-Cylance Spokesperson


“John’s attention to detail in preparing me to promote my business was unparalleled. The advice and tips he taught me are invaluable.”

-Catherine Stefani, Stefani Cellars


“ a competitor we can confidently say- these guys know their stuff, we’d highly recommend them!”


William Bruzzo, Attorney At Law


“..wanting to perfect my ‘On-Cam’ interview performance, Chris showed me the in’s and out’s of how an appearance is structured and the practice sessions were a huge help.”

-Will Bruzzo



“because of FR’s training ..our managers can now deal with ‘spur of the moment’ or ‘off topic’ questions during our many convention appearances

-Tom Haller, Int’l Executive Recruiters

… there are definite tricks to getting a point across during interviews. John and Chris taught me that being concise and compelling is key – look forward to showing off my new TV skills” 

-Matt Given, CEO Intelivideo



“John helped our customer service reps and managers deal with tough questions in a way that worked – on the spot!”

-Certus Bank Corporate Communications

What others are saying…

We’ve held dozens of informal sessions to perfect our craft and the feedback we received is our greatest reward!
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— “Very informative, the speakers provided expert information”

— “The training was the most useful and relevant thing I’ve done in quite some time.”

— “Excellent and actually quite entertaining! FRMediaTrain was a great confidence booster.”

— “If you are preparing for an on camera interview or an audience presentation, John and Chris are go-to guys to help you put your best foot forward.”