Negative News Dominates,
Don’t Become THAT Headline!

We believe there’s no better metaphor for today’s media – news or other – than a runaway train. These days, you may not even hear the trains whistle before it’s right on top of you – just ask United Airlines – see our blog for more on that debacle!

In 2018, the media in all its various forms has to be continuously fed. If your business doesn’t respond to a situation quickly, correctly and confidently, it could cost you serious money, your reputation, it could cost you everything. 

(an example, in the same vein as United – former BP Oil CEO Tony Heyward callously apologizing for all the wrong reasons, he later resigned)

We know first hand, the media wasn’t always this omnipresent or aggressive but the transformation happened quickly as blogs and social media became the norm.

No longer are well- mannered, respected newsmen like Cronkite, Chancellor, Brokaw or Jennings spoon feeding people a daily dose of events and facts while they sit down to dinner at 6pm. Today news organizations are for the most part, inexperienced, understaffed and do more with less, just a few of the reasons we are former reporters!

In addition, the thirst for content and commentary is now INSTANT. We turn to Twitter or Facebook, at any time of day or night! Or more recently, It’s Fake News! This new age “journalistic” cycle never stops and anyone with a cell phone in hand is now a reporter. You want ethics? The rules for how news is reported today have blurred to such an extent that just mentioning “anonymous sources” means a story becomes credible, in many cases regardless of what “facts” lay behind it.

Fear not however, there are tips and tools you can use, not only to make sure this runaway train doesn’t damage your brand, but to actually promote what you’ve worked so hard to build. To do that you need to be able to TELL YOUR OWN STORY. You must be able to CONTROL YOUR MESSAGE so that it resonates through all the chaos, chatter and page clicks. As we have seen many times, in this 140-character world you rarely get a “do over”. Being prepared before a crisis strikes is paramount.  

FRMediaTrain can help you get there in a single session. Don’t ask “Can we afford to pay for this training?”  the question is “Can we afford not to?”.

YOUR message, delivered the right way, at the right time is publicity you may not get a chance to duplicate – without spending even more money.